Escape To Solitude

Of all of the many special moments we encountered, while filming season 2 of the Fly Fusion Series, this quote from Northern Lights Lodge owner, Skeed Borkowski, was the moment that had the most significant impact on us and we have been eager to share it with you.

One of the most beautiful things about our area is that we don’t have cell coverage… I pray that in 100 years there will still be a place like this where you can escape. Someplace where midway through your back cast, or double hall, your phone doesn’t ring.” ~ Skeed Borkowski, Northern Lights Lodge

The Sage Team Talks X Design

Every wonder who’s responsible for the design of the fly rod you’re casting? This short film about the new X  gives a behind-the-scenes look at the team that created Sage’s new smooth casting fly rod.


Top 2 Series to Help Sharpen Your Casting Skills

For fly anglers looking to add a little more distance to their cast or planning to expand their advanced casting arsenal, lots of different options exist nowadays. You can book a casting clinic, find a column in a magazine, or search out numerous instructional videos online. If you decided to go with the online option, Fly Fusion staff helped to narrow the search by providing you with two of their favourite casting series.

R.L. Winston Casting Series–One of the all-time greats, Joan Wulff, presents an easy-to-follow 10 part instructional casting series packed with basics for the newcomer or for the long-time angler who wants to break some poor habits. She also has a number of videos in the series that present advanced techniques for the angler wanting to improve on an already solid foundation. To view the series click here.

Orvis Casting Series–Another recommended casting resource is the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center. Along with everything else you need to know about fly fishing, you’ll also find 16 casting centric instructional videos presented by Orvis Casting Instructor, Pete Kutzer. To view the series click here.

Photo Credit: Paula Shearer

Casting Streamers from A Drift Boat

If you’re looking to sharpen up your streamer skills, check out this video from RIO. Their brand manager Simon Gawesworth shows how to fish a streamer from a drift boat. Simon’s tips and information take the mystery and randomness of streamer fishing away, giving anglers a clear game plan of how best to master streamer fishing from a drift boat.


New Film: Trout in a Box

Most fish stories have to do with the one that got away. However, Trout in a Box, a short film created by Stephen Haggard, is a unique kind of fish story. It’s about 100 year old trout that didn’t get away.

A New Fly Fishing Documentary About the Final Cast

Fly Fusion Magazine’s entomology editor, Robert Hinchliffe, just sent an internal email to the editorial team with a link to a short fly-fishing documentary he created and produced, but the link is too good not to share with the fly-fishing world. Hinchliffe says his film has “no fancy gear, no epic drone shots, no trendy outfits; just real people talking about life, fly fishing, and the final cast.” If you’ve got a few extra minutes today, it’s worth watching.

Stillwater Teaser with Brian Chan

Check out this short film featuring the newest member of the Fly Fusion editorial team, Brian Chan, doing what he does best–stalking and catching big stillwater rainbows.

Fishing BC Features Cariboo Guide

Looking for a fly-fishing trip where you can get away from it all and catch big trout on uncrowded rivers? Check out Fishing BC’s guide feature below.