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Rod Review: Thomas & Thomas Avantt

Fri Mar 24th 2017

Thomas & Thomas’ new Avantt is an impressive American built rod. The rod is finished in a classy matte blue with darker blue around the wraps. Most noteworthy however is the way the rod handles long distances. The rod has a lightning quick recovery speed and shoots line effortlessly. Because of the speed of the rod, Fly Fusion testers also over-lined the rod, but found it performed best with a matching line weight. The Avantt is a fast action rod that loves distance but is sensitive enough in the tip that it can adjust to the short game as well. Fly anglers who like the long game and an extra bit of power will like this rod. click here

New Video Shows Why We Must Act Now to Save the Everglades

Thu Mar 23rd 2017

Orvis has made protecting the Everglades the focus of their conservation efforts this year, and CEO, Perk Perkins, has been leading the charge by taking out a full-page ad in the Miami Heraldmeeting with state legislators to lobby in support of pro-Everglades legislation, and writing op eds.

Today, Orvis premiered a new video from Florida filmmaker Dan Decibel Diez, made with support from Orvis and many of their partners in the fly-fishing industry, as well as others. The list of sponsors at the end of the video includes some of the biggest names in manufacturing, media, and conservation. This is a vital cause that is bringing us all together because now is the time to act.

The folks at the Everglades Foundation have communicated that these collective efforts are making a difference and that those with influence are listening. Lets keep the voices loud and consistent on the heels of this work.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  1. Tell Florida’s leaders to support SB 10 to build the EAA Reservoir. Text the word “WATER” to 52886.
  2. Visit the Orvis Commitment Everglades page to learn how Orvis will match your donation to help fund the important work of the Everglades Foundation.
  3. Visit the Everglades Foundation to learn how you can get involved on the ground.
  4. Sign the #NowOrNeverglades Declaration
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Hot New Nymph

Thu Mar 23rd 2017

Fusion Nymph Recipe by Bob Reece

Hook: Tiemco 2499SP-BL, #18-#8

Bead: Tungsten, sized to hook

Thread: Uni-Thread, 8/0

Tail: Three strands Krystal Flash

Under Abdomen: Ostrich herl

Over Abdomen: Wapsi UTC Wire, sized to hook

Thorax: Hareline Ice Dub

Legs (optional): Micro-small MFC Sexi-Floss

Glue: Zap-a-Gap

click here to check out the tying video

Photo of the Day

Wed Mar 22nd 2017

Fly-fishing photographer, Daniel Shepler, shot this image on a saltwater trip to Belize. Though they were after permit, this tarpon definitely added some excitement to the day. You can view Shepler’s full photo essay of his Belize trip in the current issue of Fly Fusion Magazine.  

Gear Review: The Chironomid Stillwater Boat

Tue Mar 21st 2017

Magazine staff tested the Chironomid stillwater boat by Cunningham Boats and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. An angler would go a long way to find another single-person stillwater craft that moves as easily and fast or is more maneuverable. The hull is an extremely lightweight (30 lbs) Kevlar canoe design, with pontoon fixtures to provide stability. It’s propelled by lightweight oars, not paddles. The Chironomid is an appealing hybrid, providing the speed of a rowing scull, the tracking of a trimaran and the fishing stability of a wide-bottomed boat. FF staff found it easy to stand up in and cast, and spent an enjoyable day in the boat catching large rainbows on stripped leeches. Perhaps most impressive is the ease with which the boat can be disassembled and placed on the roof of a car or truck. Weighing less than a Florida-bound traveler’s suitcase, it’s an extremely manageable one-person boat. The stillwater angler who enjoys getting out on the water in a personal watercraft, who wants the freedom to stand up or sit down while casting, and who wants to move quickly and effortlessly from one shoal to another, needs to check out the Chironomid. click here

April Vokey Talks Wild Steelhead Release with Andy Danylchuk

Mon Mar 20th 2017

The Canadian born University of Massachusetts Amherst professor, Andy Danylchuk, speaks about developing a deeper understanding of the effects of catch-and-release on wild steelhead (Photo Credit: Catherine LaFlamme)

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A St. Patrick's Day Streamer

Fri Mar 17th 2017

Happy St. Patrick’s day from the Fly Fusion staff. Though we recognize the many traditions used to celebrate the Irish festive day in March, just in case you want to add another to the list, here’s a recipe for Krueger’s Olive Sculp Gulp. Tie one on…your vice!

Krueger’s Olive Sculp Gulp by Chris Krueger

Hook: Daiichi 2461, #2-6

Thread: 140 denier, olive

Eyes: Pseudo Eyes, black nickel/yellow, large

Tail: MFC BuggerBou, Rickard’s sculpin olive

Outer Tail: Grizzly Mini Marabou, olive

Body: UV Polar Chenille, olive and copper

Collar: Guinea, olive

Legs: Grizzly Flutter Legs, olive

Head: Pseudo Hair, olive, barred with brown Prismacolor marker

Brian Chan Joins Fly Fusion

Fri Mar 17th 2017

Fly Fusion Magazine welcomes Brian Chan as their new stillwater field editor. Starting with the summer issue, Chan will be writing a regular stillwater column. Chan comes to the magazine as one of the most recognizable lake anglers in the fly-fishing industry today. He’s written several books, been featured in numerous magazines, and appeared on a number of different TV shows. He also runs a stillwater guiding company and online stillwater store. According to Derek Bird, Fly Fusion’s founding editor, “Brain has a deep understanding of what goes on below the surface of a lake, and I’m looking forward to tapping into his years of education and experience. The more exposure the fly-fishing community has to Brian’s knowledge, the more potential exists for stillwater success.”

Reel Review: Redington Rise

Thu Mar 16th 2017

Redington added a new reel to their roster this year. Machined from anodized 6061-T6 aluminum, the Rise is an extremely lightweight reel. It has a uniquely modern look and the aesthetics complement the reel’s balanced feel. Fly Fusion testers gave the reel high marks 
for the enclosed carbon-fiber
drag system that delivers
 smooth stopping power 
accompanied by a pleasant 
sound (a small but
 significant detail for
 some anglers). Testers 
also took notice 
of the functional 
oversized drag
 adjustment knob 
and appreciated
 the innovative feel
 especially for cold
 climates where sticky 
drag adjusters present 
a challenge for clumsy 
fingers. The Rise carries 
a lifetime warranty and is
 available in sizes 3/4 through 9/10 in three colors 
(silver, black and amber).

Reel Review: Orvis Battenkill Disk Reel

Wed Mar 15th 2017

Fly fishers today live in
 a very fortunate time. They have access to 
traditional gear, fully
 modernized gear and fully
 modern gear designed to
 honor traditional gear. Such 
is the case with Orvis’ Battenkill
 Disk Reel. The exterior of the reel remains true to its impressive heritage, but the interior components fully capitalize on the latest technological advancements. Fly Fusion staff tested the Battenkill III designed to match 5-7wt lines. Testers found the sealed drag system, which is based on the award-winning Hydros SL reel, both smooth and very easy to adjust. Built from aircraft aluminum, the Battenkill is lightweight and strong. Spools are easy to switch in and out with no extra parts to remove. In short, the testers thoroughly enjoyed reel. Its functional simplicity consistently impressed them. The reel is available in sizes that match 2-10wt lines and there are also two spey reels in the family.

Gilbert Rowley Talks About the Challenges of Filming Hundred Pound Tarpon

Tue Mar 14th 2017

In this week’s interview, Fly Fusion editor Derek Bird catches up with Utah based filmmaker Gilbert Rowley to chat with him about Jungle’s Edge, a film currently running in this year’s International Fly Fishing Film Festival. Gilbert talks about some of the challenges he faced while out filming hundred pound tarpon in Costa Rica. click here

Gilbert also discusses another film project he released this year, Modern Nymphing. In this instructional video he teams up with a couple Fly Fishing Team USA members as they present  over an hour’s worth of nymphing secrets. click here

Reel Review: 3-Tand VIKN

Tue Mar 14th 2017

A few members of the Fly Fusion team have been using 3-Tand reels over the last number of years and have been extremely impressed by them. Each of their reels has a super smooth sealed drag system with unparalleled stopping power. Not only that, the 3-Tand design team makes an extremely attractive reel. With the VIKN™ (pronounced vixen) the company takes another step forward. The V-80 (8-10wt) weighs 7.7 ounces, has an ultra-large arbor spool that packs 300 yards of 30 pound backing. The reel feels well balanced on single hand, switch and spey rods. It’s also available in a 5/6wt and 11/13wt.

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