Buster Midge

Wed Sep 20th 2017

It may seem odd to think of midges as robust attractor  patterns, but believe me it’s definitely worthwhile tying this delicate insect as an attractor. I realized this in early spring of 2010 on an afternoon when there were millions of midges hatching and drifting down a riffle and into a nice deep run.  There were some big browns sipping in the slack water and I caught a few using a size18 Parachute Midge, but to my amazement most of the action was in the shallower riffle at the head of the run. I noticed not only snouts poking up, but violent splashes to large clusters of midges. I tied on a size 14 foam pattern I call the Buster Midge and cast to the head of the riffle. I watched as a snout appeared and inhaled the fly. After three or four jumps and a couple of charges I landed a 22 1/2 inch brown.

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Down Under with the Beetles

Thu Aug 31st 2017

Beetles are recognized as terrestrial fare for trout, certainly, but we usually think of them as dry flies. Well, fly tiers are never satisfied with the status quo, regardless of the success of status-quo flies. Beetles wet are an excellent addition to any fly fisher’s tool box.

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Photo Feature: Hooking Brookies

Tue Aug 29th 2017

Photo captured by Aaron Hitchins of Rockhouse Motion.

Getting to Know RIO

Mon Aug 28th 2017
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Check out RIO’s “Behind the Brand” video featuring their R&D production designer, Wayne Peterson,  spending some time on the Teton River.

Gear Review: Costa's Corbina with Sunrise Silver Mirror Lenses

Fri Aug 25th 2017

It’s safe to say most fly anglers consider sunglasses a necessity on a few different levels—fish spotting and protection from wayward flies. The first and likely the most important test is whether or not the frames remain comfortable over an entire day of fishing. And without a doubt this was the case with the Costa frames. They’re lightweight so they don’t create pressure points after multiple hours of use. Costa attributes their lightweight feel to the fact they manufacture their frames from an earth-friendly bio-resin. Testers give company high marks for creating an environmentally responsible product (part of their Kick Plastic initiative). Along with their comfortable all-day feel, the glasses provide superior fish-spotting capability with Costa’s new Sunrise Silver Mirror lens. The lens is ideal for low-light conditions, which makes them extremely useful for any sight-casting applications. The lens is also versatile in changing light conditions. The Silver Mirrors are available in eight different frames. Check them out here.

Photo Feature: Stalking Monster Brookies

Wed Aug 23rd 2017

Photographer Aaron Hitchins of Rockhouse Motion captured this captivating shot while on a brook trout trip to Eastern Canada.

Gear Review: Fishpond's Castaway Roll Top

Tue Aug 22nd 2017

The Castaway Roll Top has lots in common with other boat bags: easy access compartments for whatever gear is needed for a long float, outward attachment areas for forceps and rod tubes, and handles and straps for easy movement. This waterproof boat bag has a few other added features that impressed the Fly Fusion team. Fishpond designed the bag so it travels easily. So whether you’re heading to a saltwater flat to fish for bonefish, or you’re on your way to British Columbia for the dry-fly float trip of a lifetime, this bag can travel with you. The inner compartments are fixed into place with velcro, so they can be removed and both the interior and exterior can be flattened and placed in the bottom of a suitcase or a duffle. Aside from this functional design element, the staff also gives the boat bag high scores because it’s constructed from recycled nylon fabric. The Castaway is an environmentally responsible purchase you can pack with you wherever you go, and it’s going to keep your valuables dry. Check it out here.

The Taper Debate

Thu Aug 17th 2017

Maybe not as important as type of government or healthcare but at times equally disparate can be the debate over fly-line tapers. What is most interesting is the evolution of two diverging schools of thought on fly-line tapers. As they have diverged, they have come together in conclusion, but not in how they arrived at the conclusion.

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April Vokey in Dubai

Tue Aug 15th 2017

Check out the latest edition of Fly Fusion, which features field editor April Vokey’s trip to Dubai where she fishes for queenfish (photos by Andrew Burr). Pick the issue up at newsstands or subscribe here.

Fly Fishing, Basketball, and Parenting

Mon Aug 14th 2017

The great American philosopher and poet Henry David Thoreau believed nature to be a positive guiding force. He said, “I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.”

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Creating Space for Memories

Fri Aug 11th 2017

The Fly Fusion team likes testing out fishy products and spreading the word about them, but every once in a while we also like to test out products that are a little more on the fly-fishing fringe.

Throughout the summer team members have enjoyed using the Picture Keeper. After a few trips, it’s super easy to load up the smartphone with images of highlights. Over time, ten photos becomes 400 photos and the phone can go from feeling like a lighting quick, fast action rod to a lethargic fibreglass rod as the storage gets more and more crammed.

The Memory Keeper is an easy and effective way to store memories of your fly-fishing trip while alleviating the storage issues. Testers found the device easy to use (even for the less tech savvy individuals). In a few simple steps, the iPhone dumps photos directly onto the Memory Keeper and then asks whether you’d like to keep the photos on the phone or delete them from the phone. Even if you choose the later of the two, it’s super simple to add any photos back onto the phone from the Memory Keeper should you choose. This is a great devise for any angler who takes a lot of shots but likes the phone to still function at normal speeds. Check them out here.

Matching the Non-Hatch

Thu Aug 10th 2017

Fly Fusion’s entomology expert Robert Hinchliffe discusses what to do when you show up at the water ready to match the hatch and there is no evidence of visible hatch .

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