A Reminder for Fly Anglers to Stay Safe on the Water

Sat May 20th 2017

Vancouver, B.C. – As boaters across British Columbia prepare for the official start of the 2017 boating season this long weekend, Boating BC is urging boaters to put safety first.

National Safe Boating Awareness Week is May 20th to the 26th, coinciding with the launch of the boating season, and Boating BC President Don Prittie says boating is both safe and easy.

“Every year we see more and more people take up boating as a fun, safe and easy activity to explore our province,” says Prittie. “We’re optimistic that the 2017 boating season will be as active as ever. With over 27,000 kilometers of coastline and hundreds of lakes and rivers we have a simple message for British Columbians: Get out on the water but do it safely.”

Prittie says there are easy and affordable safe boating courses available online and around the province and everyone on the water should remember some basic tips:

  • Always where a properly fitted personal flotation device.
  • Never drink and boat.
  • Keeping emergency kits, navigation equipment and distress equipment onboard at all times.
  • Check weather conditions and patterns before leaving and during your trip.
  • Create a float plan before you leave so friends or family know where you’re going.Click here for for more safety tips 

Friday Fly by...Al Ritt

Fri May 19th 2017
Video thumbnail

Here’s a really simple and effective mayfly pattern you can tie in a number of different colours and sizes. Fly Fusion’s fly tying editor, Al Ritt, demonstrates how to tie the Sparkle Dun (BWO).


  • Hook: Daiichi 1100 sz 20 through 16
  • Shuck: Brown Antron
  • Wing: Comparadun Hair
  • Body: BWO Superfine Dubbing

A Mayfly with a Muddled Head

Thu May 18th 2017

Here’s a new tying video from Davie McPhail where he demonstrates how to tie a juicy looking mayfly pattern: the Golden Yellow Mayfly Muddler.

Casting Streamers from A Drift Boat

Wed May 17th 2017
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If you’re looking to sharpen up your streamer skills, check out this video from RIO. Their brand manager Simon Gawesworth shows how to fish a streamer from a drift boat. Simon’s tips and information take the mystery and randomness of streamer fishing away, giving anglers a clear game plan of how best to master streamer fishing from a drift boat.


New Film: Trout in a Box

Mon May 15th 2017

Most fish stories have to do with the one that got away. However, Trout in a Box, a short film created by Stephen Haggard, is a unique kind of fish story. It’s about 100 year old trout that didn’t get away.

The New Summer Issue

Thu May 11th 2017

The editorial team is exited about the latest edition of Fly Fusion Magazine, which is arriving in subscribers’ mailboxes throughout the week and will show up on newsstands in the next few weeks.

The summer issue is packed with tons of fly-fishing goodness including the editor’s pick for the best new mayfly pattern, secret terrestrial techniques, Jim McLennan’s take on PMDs, and so much more. In addition, the issue also features some of the best photography to date!

This is an issue you’re not going to want to miss out on. If you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe or pick up a new issue from the newsstands.


A New Fly Fishing Documentary About the Final Cast

Wed May 10th 2017

Fly Fusion Magazine’s entomology editor, Robert Hinchliffe, just sent an internal email to the editorial team with a link to a short fly-fishing documentary he created and produced, but the link is too good not to share with the fly-fishing world. Hinchliffe says his film has “no fancy gear, no epic drone shots, no trendy outfits; just real people talking about life, fly fishing, and the final cast.” If you’ve got a few extra minutes today, it’s worth watching.

OtterBox Gets Even Cooler

Tue May 9th 2017

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – The outdoors are not a club with velvet rope and insider access. The outdoors belong to everyone, and OtterBox enables people to get out and do it their own way. OtterBox, an outdoor staple since 1998, is proud to introduce the Venture line of premium rugged coolers.

Venture coolers incorporate superior cooling technology and trusted OtterBox durability. The design is certified bear-resistant, can hold ice for up to 14 days and has been drop tested for durability on every side and edge, empty and full. 1 But Venture takes it even further with a fully customizable experience. A subtle and sturdy mounting system lets users attach accessories that fit their lifestyle. A cutting board, dry storage tray and separators help organize and maximize the internal space, while the sidetable, cup holders and drybox clips extend use beyond the confines of the cooler.

“Being outdoors is about having fun, not worrying if you’re doing it the way the pros do or following a set of unwritten rules,” said OtterBox founder Curt Richardson. “The only requirements should be to be respectful and enjoy. I started OtterBox in 1998 as an outdoor brand, and we’re refocusing our efforts here in a big way. Our new coolers deliver on the OtterBox commitment to innovation, quality and our customers.” click here

Take a Sneak Peak Inside the Summer Issue

Tue May 9th 2017

There’s lots to look forward to in the summer issue. One of the many highlights is Jim McLennan’s article on Pale Morning Duns. The article is packed full of helpful insight into this favourite summer trout snack. In addition, it is accompanied by some outstanding photos like the one below by fly-fishing photographer Jason Jagger. By the time you’re finished reading Jim’s article, you’ll be able to identify a few distinguishing features between PMDs and other mayflies like the blue-winged olive pictured below.


Gear Review: Orvis Nippers

Mon May 8th 2017

With so many different species fly anglers can target nowadays, the amount a person can spend on species specific gear adds up quickly. So I suspect that more and more companies will design tools, gear and gadgets that, where possible, will be useful across a broader species spectrum. Orvis is a prime example. They produced nippers a trout angler can use on his home trout stream and also on the saltwater holiday he’s taking to the Seychelles. The body of the tool is machined from aluminum with a Type III anodizing, the same kind of corrosion resistance found on high-wear aerospace parts and the finest fly reels. The replaceable cutters are designed in a cutter-and-anvil design, which ensures a cleaner cut. According to Orvis fly-fishing guru, Tom Rosenbauer, who’s tested the nippers on species from trout to tarpon, “…not only does the shape allow the snips to cut through 80-pound shock tippet, it also makes it easier to cut fine tippet like 7X because it ensures the jaws close cleanly over the fine stuff.” click here

Understanding Fly Rod Flex and Recovery

Fri May 5th 2017

Fly rods can be defined by so many characteristics, including physical weight, swing weight, stiffness, just to name a few. But what really defines the feel in your hand?

By Jeff Wagner
Photo Credit: Paula Shearer

Read More

Happy Star Wars Day

Thu May 4th 2017

Krueger’s Black Darth Invader by Chris Krueger

Rear Hook: Partridge Universal Predator, #1

Thread: 140 denier, black

Tail: MFC BuggerBou, black

Body: UV Polar Chenille, copper, with black schlappen, wrapped together

Collar: Black marabou, wrapped

Legs: Sili Legs, chrome black/copper

Junction Wire: Senyo’s Intruder Wire or 49-strand Beadalon

Beads: Silver-lined glass beads

Front Hook: Partridge Universal Predator, # 1

Eyes: Pseudo Eyes, black nickel/red, large

Prop: Chocklett’s Body Tubing ¼”, black

Hackle: Schlappen

Flash: Senyo’s Barred Predator Wrap, black and red

Body: Black marabou, 2 wrapped together

Legs: Sili Legs, chrome black/copper

Head: EP UV Chromatic Brush, midnight

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