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Tue Nov 21st 2017

Join April Vokey and Katy Watson in search of big bulls!


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The Newest Edition of the Fly Fusion Family

Mon Nov 20th 2017

The winter edition of Fly Fusion is set to hit newsstands this week. This issue is chock full of useful tips and techniques. For the gear junkie, the editors tested out nine new fly rods and they provide you with all the information you need in order to make an informed decision on the best new rod for your angling situation. The editors also tested out 2018s newest and hottest gear and have selected their favourites.

For the fly tier, renown fly-fishing author and speaker, Landon Mayer, makes his first appearance in Fly Fusion, discussing quick, easy and effective fly patterns. And for the stillwater angler, expert Brian Chan simplifies the stillwater equation. You’ll find this and far more in the winter issue, so make sure you go out and grab a copy.

Friday Fly By...Richard Pulaski

Fri Nov 17th 2017

One of the deepest philosophical questions in fly fishing: Can a fly-angler’s box contain too many Chernobyl patterns. Just in case you fall on the “it’s not possible” side of the debate, here’s the recipe for the juicy looking Beavertail Chernobyl.

Beavertail Chernobyl Recipe:

Hook:Dai-Riki 730, #8

Thread: Uni-Thread, 6/0 yellow

Adhesive: Liquid Krazy Glue, applied to thread base

Underbody: Beavertail Chernobyl tan (River Road Creations cutter)

Underbody: Large black Krystal flash chenille tied only under the middle body segment

Overbody: Beavertail Chernobyl tan (River Road Creations cutter)

Legs: Montana Fly Company Centipede Legs, orange/black

Posts: White polypropylene

A New Steelhead Film with a Challenging Message

Thu Nov 16th 2017

Swing Season–The Slowdown is a captivating look at the state of Olympic Peninsula steelhead. The film not only discusses the declining populations, it also encourages fly anglers to be part of a solution. Check it out and see what you can do to become a more responsible steelhead angler.


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The Zoo Cougar: A Slick New Minnow Pattern

Wed Nov 15th 2017

The Zoo Cougar is an enticing new minnow tied by Jake Ruthven, a talented young tier out of Colorado. If you’re looking to stock up your box this winter in preparation for estuary fishing for sea-run trout in the spring, be sure to give this innovative new pattern a try.

Zoo Cougar Recipe:

Hook: TMC 9395

Thread: UTC Gel Spun

Tail: Marabou

Body: Flat Diamond Braid

Underwing: Faux Bucktail

Overwing: Mallard flank feather

Collar: Faux bucktail

Head: Chocklett’s body tubing

Eyes: Flymen Living Eyes

Tying Steps

  1. Start your thread and trim the tag end, then move it to the rear of the hook. Tie in a single piece of marabou as long as the shank of the hook. Trim the excess.
  2. Return the thread to the rear of the hook and tie in the flat Diamond Braid at the base of the tail. Wrap it forward in touching turns to approximately the 60% point on the shank. Tie off and trim excess.
  3. Trim a thick clump of Faux Bucktail from the package. Use a hair stacker to even the tips, and tie it in on top of the shank, directly above where the diamond braid ends. Trim the ends at a 45-degree angle to assist with building a taper.
  4. Tie in a single mallard flank feather on top of the bucktail so it extends to the end of the tail. Trim excess.
  5. Trim off a piece of Chocklett’s body tubing about an inch long. Singe the ends with a lighter. Slide one end over the eye, and secure it.
  6. Fold the free end of the material back over itself so that it covers the body of the fly.
  7. Pull it forward, and secure the other end in the same spot as the first end. This will form a small cone. Now, tie in a small clump of Faux Bucktail so it extends one-third the length of the mallard flank. Whip finish.
  8. Fold the cone rearwards to form the bullet head. Add eyes using your favourite epoxy.

Jim McLennan Talks Change

Mon Nov 13th 2017

Prompted by late-night reflection on the severe flooding in Alberta a few years back, I’m reminded of one of the great truths of fishing – fishing of any type. That truth is simply this: Change Rules.

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Fly Fusion Announces Streaming Platform

We are very excited to announce the launch of a brand new streaming platform for the fly-fishing community! Welcome to Fly Fusion Streaming, where we’ll be adding new content constantly and you’ll have ongoing and access to the Fly Fusion Series as well as exclusive access to past presentations of the International Fly Fishing Film Festival. The best in fly-fishing films. Click through on the following link, get yourself signed-up and watch on any device:


The Latest Video in RIO's "How To" Series

Wed Nov 8th 2017

RIO–The first episode of season two of RIO’s “How To” series has RIO ambassador Rob Parkins teaching and talking about “How To Make an Overhead Cast”. In this film, Rob covers the three most important steps required before you start to make an overhead cast, and then explains how to make a “Pick up and lay down ” cast, how to “False cast” and how to “Shoot line”. In addition, Rob talks about the ideal line that will help beginners learn this essential cast.

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Jim McLennan on Jon Boats and Drift Boats

Wed Nov 8th 2017

Boats are indeed useful tools for fishing, but there are some things I feel compelled to advise you about, starting with this: “A boat is a hole in the water into which one pours money.”

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Behind the Scenes at Scientific Anglers

Tue Nov 7th 2017
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Tiny Pieces of All of Us is a short film that takes a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making Scientific Anglers fly lines. With stunning cinematography and an engaging storyline, the film is well worth watching.

The Right Grip for the Right Situation

Mon Nov 6th 2017

Something as simple as how we hold the rod and line is critical. This is the connection between us and our equipment and can make the difference between efficient and inefficient transfer of energy. It can also be the difference between struggling on the water and not.

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Gear Review: Hodgman's VION H-Lock Boots

Fri Nov 3rd 2017

Hodgman developed an innovative interchangeable sole system to help anglers deal with the varied terrain they regularly encounter. The versatility provided by the H-Lock boots allows anglers to switch from felt to studded felt, and from to rubber or studded rubber depending on whether they’re in and out of a drift boat or scaling steep banks on a remote mountain stream. Testers liked the idea of the versatile sole system and found that it was easiest to change soles with the boot off the foot. Aside from the versatility of the boots, testers also found the boots to be quite comfortable. Designers created the VION H-Lock with durability in mind. The boots feature a molded toe guard and double-stitched construction. If you like a sturdy boot, and you live in an area where your boots see lots of different terrain,
be sure to check out Hodgman’s new offering.

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