Capturing Memories Under the Montana Sky

Mon Jul 24th 2017

Fly Fusion editor Derek Bird fishing for browns on a spring creek near Twin Bridges, Montana (photo credit: Louis Cahill).

Friday Fly By Al Ritt

Fri Jul 21st 2017

Fly Fusion fly-tying editor Al Ritt demonstrates how to tie the Adams, a classic pattern that deserves a place on the top row of any dry-fly box.


  • Hook: Daiichi 1100 sz 20 through 8
  • Wings: Grizzly Hen Hackle Tips
  • Tail: Mixed Brown and Grizzly Dry Hackle Fibers
  • Body: Muskrat or Gray Superfine Dubbing
  • Hackle: Mixed Brown and Grizzly Dry Hackle Fibers


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A Good Time for a Change

Thu Jul 20th 2017

Ever wonder whether it’s time to change flies? Jim McLennan discusses when to tie a new one on.

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A Closer Look at Fishpond

Mon Jul 10th 2017

Filmed last fall in the beautiful Colorado mountains, the Heartbeat of Fishpond is a soulful film highlighting the company’s passion for conservation and thoughtful vision behind each product. It’s definitely worth watching.

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Winston Releases the 2018 Kairos Rod Series

Fri Jul 7th 2017

The Winston crew has been busy designing rods. Check out the specs on the Kairos rod series by clicking here.

Slick New Stick from Winston

Thu Jul 6th 2017

Winston unveiled the Nimbus–their new fly rod series for 2018. Check out the specs by clicking here.

RIO's Tips on Fishing Big Bugs from a Drift Boat

Thu Jul 6th 2017

Check out Episode 9 from RIO’s “How To” series. In this instalment, RIO ambassador Rob Parkins explains how to fish a large terrestrial from a drift boat.

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Trout Unlimited Members Share Their Trout Tips

Tue Jul 4th 2017

Trout Tips is a new book loaded with useful fly-fishing hints from Trout Unlimited members. The book covers topics from presentation, to casting, to reading water, to fly selection. According to the book’s editor, Kirk Deeter, “To be clear, this is not a ‘guidebook’ or a fly-fishing ‘manual’. There are plenty of those already…It’s a book of tips. A bag of tricks. Some for the novice, others for experts. By anglers, for anglers.” Click here to check it out.

Winston GM Talks New Rods

Fri Jun 30th 2017

In this 20-minute podcast, Derek Bird catches up with R.L Winston Rod Co. general manager, Jeff Wagner, to chat about the company’s new rods that are set to hit the market this summer. Wagner provides a behind the scenes look at the care and attention that goes into the creation of each Winston rod, and then he discusses the type of action an angler can expect while casting the Kairos and the Nimbus.

The two also get a little sidetracked and chat about carp fishing and even confess to the use of the Squirmy Wormy during disparate times. Click through below to listen to the interview.

Imagine Fishing Untouched Water...

Wed Jun 28th 2017

In this episode Fly Fusion Magazine editor, Derek Bird, along with associate editor, Jim McLennan, explore sections of British Columbia’s Cariboo River in their Water Master rafts. Though the river is a high volume stream, there are sections where rock outcrops provide a break in the flow, creating a trout sanctuary. Because of the fast flowing nature of the river, the wild rainbows are strong and readily take nymphs and dries. Subscribe to Fly Fusion Magazine and follow us on Instagram!

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Swisher's New Trout Patterns

Wed Jun 28th 2017

The Swisher name is no stranger to new and innovate trout patterns. In the 80s Doug Swisher cowrote the best-selling fly-fishing book of all time, Selective Trout. Now he and his wife, Sharon, have a new book that’s definitely worth checking out. Flies for Selective Trout: Complete Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Tie the Newest Swisher Flies is filled with new recipes and tying instructions for flies that will provide anglers with a few more options when the trout get tight-lipped. The book has 33 patterns in all, ranging from dry flies to nymphs to streamers. Click here to check out the book.

Escape To Solitude

Fri Jun 23rd 2017

Of all of the many special moments we encountered, while filming season 2 of the Fly Fusion Series, this quote from Northern Lights Lodge owner, Skeed Borkowski, was the moment that had the most significant impact on us and we have been eager to share it with you.

One of the most beautiful things about our area is that we don’t have cell coverage… I pray that in 100 years there will still be a place like this where you can escape. Someplace where midway through your back cast, or double hall, your phone doesn’t ring.” ~ Skeed Borkowski, Northern Lights Lodge

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