Fly Tying: Reece’s Tactical Fusion Nymph

Looking for an innovative new nymph to tie this weekend. Have a look at Bob Reece’s Tactical Fusion Nymph. This nymph sinks quickly, appears life-like in the water, and is extremely durable. As an added bonus, the nymph can be tied in three variations in order to imitate the caddis, mayfly and stonefly.

Slick New Streamer Pattern

Krueger’s Sculp Lion (Tan) by Chris Krueger 

Hook: Daiichi 2461, # 1-6

Thread: 140 denier, tan

Tail 1: Yellow marabou

Tail 2: MFC grizzly BuggerBou, tan/brown

Body: UV Polar Chenille, gold, medium

Wing: MFC grizzly BuggerBou, tan/brown

Collar: MFC Bunny Brush, tan

Fins: Pheasant rump, natural

Head: Sculpin Helmet, brown

Eyes: Living Eyes

Finish: Coat head in Loon Flow UV resin

Hot New Nymph

Fusion Nymph Recipe by Bob Reece

Hook: Tiemco 2499SP-BL, #18-#8

Bead: Tungsten, sized to hook

Thread: Uni-Thread, 8/0

Tail: Three strands Krystal Flash

Under Abdomen: Ostrich herl

Over Abdomen: Wapsi UTC Wire, sized to hook

Thorax: Hareline Ice Dub

Legs (optional): Micro-small MFC Sexi-Floss

Glue: Zap-a-Gap

click here to check out the tying video

A St. Patrick’s Day Streamer

Happy St. Patrick’s day from the Fly Fusion staff. Though we recognize the many traditions used to celebrate the Irish festive day in March, just in case you want to add another to the list, here’s a recipe for Krueger’s Olive Sculp Gulp. Tie one on…your vice!

Krueger’s Olive Sculp Gulp by Chris Krueger

Hook: Daiichi 2461, #2-6

Thread: 140 denier, olive

Eyes: Pseudo Eyes, black nickel/yellow, large

Tail: MFC BuggerBou, Rickard’s sculpin olive

Outer Tail: Grizzly Mini Marabou, olive

Body: UV Polar Chenille, olive and copper

Collar: Guinea, olive

Legs: Grizzly Flutter Legs, olive

Head: Pseudo Hair, olive, barred with brown Prismacolor marker

New Atlantic Salmon Book Definitely Worth a Look

Author Jacques Héroux’s new book Atlantic Salmon Flies brings together exquisite examples of nearly 300 salmon flies, tied by some of the best fly tiers and fishers in North America.

The book features traditional favourites and innovative new designs. Conveniently organized by fly type — wet flies and dry flies, bombers, bugs, and streamers — this rich compendium includes a detailed list of materials for each fly accompanied by colour photographs of flawlessly tied specimens. Both an invaluable reference and a beautiful tribute to the fly tier’s art, Atlantic Salmon Flies demonstrates the ingenuity and creative impulse behind the flies that entice the king of gamefish. click here

Griz’s “The Dude” by Todd Schotts

Because you can never tie too many nymphs, here’s one more consideration for your spring nymph collection.

Griz’s “The Dude” recipe: 

Hook: Natural Bend 200R TMC, 270 Dai Riki, Daiichi 1270 size 18
Thread: UTC Tan 70 Denier
Bead: Brass 3/32 (2.33 mm)
Tail: Pheasant Soft Hackle Fibers
Rib: Rib MDG Amber
Body: Frankendub Nymph Dub Stone Gold
Thorax: SLF Squrrel Dubbing Brown
Collar: Glo Brite Orange Thread

Griz’s Naked Nymph by Todd Schotts

Looking to beef up your spring nymph collection? Check out this delicious piece of trout candy by custom tier Todd Schotts.

Griz’s Naked Nymph Recipe:

Hook: Mustad 37160 size 16
Thread: UTC Tan 70 Denier
Bead: Tungeston Red 3/32 (2.4mm)
Weight: .025 or .035
Rib: Tippet 6x or 5x
Underbody: Hareline Hares Ear Ice Dub
Overbody: Heavy Medical Latex 1/32”
Thorax: SLF Squirrel Dub Brown
Collar: Glo Brite Orange Thread
Back Color: Prismatic or Sharpie Brown Marker

Davie McPhail’s CDC Dubbing Wing Dun

What do a coffee grinder, a hairdryer and a tying vise have in common? If you answered, “Absolutely nothing,” then prior to watching Davie McPhail’s tying video below, you’d be naively correct. Once you’ve viewed the video, you’ll realize everything around the house is potentially a useful fly-tying tool. Nice work Davie!

Al Ritt’s X-Caddis

Here’s Fly Fusion’s fly tying editor explaining how to tie a simple but effective caddis pattern.

X-Caddis (Olive):

  • Hook: Daiichi 1100 sz 18 through 12
  • Shuck: Olive Antron
  • Wing: Comparadun Hair
  • Body: Olive Hare’s Ice Dubbing