Drift Boat Tip: Cast to Fish Not Rise Forms

“When you see a trout rise, remember that the rise form drifts downstream with the current, but the trout stays back where it rose. Dont keep casting to the ever-widening rings that conveniently drift along beside you. The fish is still back upstream where the episode started.” Jim McLennan, Managing Editor–Fly Fusion Magazine

The Life of a Bug in a Day | Al Ritt

Fly anglers don’t always have access to in-depth bug charts when they’re out on the water, and sometimes entomology’s Latin terminology doesn’t stick all that well in the long term memory. One of Fly Fusion’s fly-tying editors, Al Ritt, provides a quick-reference entomology framework with ideas and patterns for anglers who want to go deeper and are looking for a good place to start.

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Quigley Cripple

Tail:  Ringneck pheasant tail fibers

Rib:  Fine gold wire

Abdomen:  Ringneck pheasant tail fibers (butts of tail fibers)

Thorax:  PMD Superfine dubbing

Spike:  Deer hair

Hackle:  Dun dry fly hackle

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The Fly Fishing Community Loses Lefty Kreh

Today the fly-fishing community mourns the loss of Bernard Victor “Lefty” Kreh, who passed away at the age of 93 at his home in Cockeysville, Maryland. It’s unlikely fly fishing is ever going to see an individual who will contribute as much as Lefty. Because of his contributions he earned numerous achievement awards including the American Sportfishing Association “Lifetime Achievement Award” and the Fly Tackle Trade Association “Lifetime Contribution Award”. In addition to his awards he also served as a Senior Advisor to Trout Unlimited and Fly Fishers International. Members of the Fly Fusion staff had the opportunity to cross paths with Lefty and always enjoyed the time spent with him. Fly Fusion’s President, Chris Bird, said, “It is a sad day today as the fly-fishing community deals with this loss. Lefty is an irreplaceable legend and we are grateful for him. We have been given an opportunity to create a life within fly-fishing only because of his tremendous contributions to the sport. He is to fly fishing what Michael Jordan was for basketball,” said Bird. “We lost the best today.” The Bird family sends its thoughts and prayers to Lefty’s family and those close to him.

Buster Midge

It may seem odd to think of midges as robust attractor  patterns, but believe me it’s definitely worthwhile tying this delicate insect as an attractor. I realized this in early spring of 2010 on an afternoon when there were millions of midges hatching and drifting down a riffle and into a nice deep run.  There were some big browns sipping in the slack water and I caught a few using a size18 Parachute Midge, but to my amazement most of the action was in the shallower riffle at the head of the run. I noticed not only snouts poking up, but violent splashes to large clusters of midges. I tied on a size 14 foam pattern I call the Buster Midge and cast to the head of the riffle. I watched as a snout appeared and inhaled the fly. After three or four jumps and a couple of charges I landed a 22 1/2 inch brown.

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Rod Review: Thomas & Thomas Avantt

Thomas & Thomas’ new Avantt is an impressive American built rod. The rod is finished in a classy matte blue with darker blue around the wraps. Most noteworthy however is the way the rod handles long distances. The rod has a lightning quick recovery speed and shoots line effortlessly. Because of the speed of the rod, Fly Fusion testers also over-lined the rod, but found it performed best with a matching line weight. The Avantt is a fast action rod that loves distance but is sensitive enough in the tip that it can adjust to the short game as well. Fly anglers who like the long game and an extra bit of power will like this rod. click here

Sneak Peek

Depending on where you’re from, the winter months can be extremely difficult for the fly angler. The Fly Fusion staff understands cabin fever as well as anyone, so they wanted to release their spring cover in its design stages as a reminder that great fishing is just around the corner.

2017 New Rod Guide

How do you choose the best fly rod? Fly Fusion editors have been brainstorming that question over the last number of months and have managed to come up with a number of interesting conclusions. What they constantly came back to however was the evolving fly rod manufacturing market. Because of the way fly-rod companies produce rods, the old model of rod testing is becoming increasingly outdated. The previous model tested all rods against each other and then the tester placed them in an arbitrary order from top to bottom.

The deficiency in this method is that rod designers create rods for specific purposes and certain rods are not created in order to match up against other rods. Take a super fast action rod for example versus more of a moderate action rod. The two rods are not designed to perform the same at all distances.

Fly Fusion built their new review around this idea, which in the end directs the consumer to the best rod for their fishing situation. Make sure that you pick up the latest issue on the newsstand and explore 24 new rods for 2017.