Fly Fusion Mobi Magazine

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the latest issue of Fly Fusion’s Mobi Magazine. It’s full of stunning images from some of fly-fishing’s best photographers. This edition provides photo essays displaying oversized Icelandic browns and New Zealand rainbows, to name a few. Oh right…you may also want to check out the photo essay featuring April Vokey’s trip deep into the Bolivian Jungle in search of golden dorado.  click here

Patagonia releases Finding Fontinalis

Our friends at Patagonia today announced the release of the feature-length downloadable version of Finding Fontinalis. A 70-minute feature film by Travis Lowe, Finding Fontinalis explores how the search for a new world record brook trout in Argentina ultimately leads the anglers involved on a mission to conserve and protect much more than just the fish itself. The film is available to be screened in local markets globally to fly fishing dealers, grassroots conservation groups and individuals.

Sage and RIO’s Ongoing Partnership with Casting for Recovery

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Wash. (February 7, 2017) – Sage Manufacturing and RIO Products, partnered with non-profit Casting for Recovery (CfR) for the fourth year in a row generating over $53,000 to expand CfR’s mission. This year sales from Sage’s GRACE Outfit and RIO’s Pink RIO Gold line garnered roughly $6,550 for Casting for Recovery to support its mission to educate and inspire women with breast cancer.

Casting for Recovery enhances the lives of women with breast cancer by combining health education and peer support through fly fishing. Free retreats offer women the opportunity to find inspiration, support, and a healing connection with nature while learning the sport of fly fishing.

“Sage and RIO have been supporting Casting for Recovery for years through the GRACE outfit and Pink RIO Gold line,” says Whitney Milhoan, executive director of CfR. “These special products are making a difference in very real, tangible ways – funds from these sales have sponsored life-changing CfR experiences for more than 50 women with breast cancer, introducing them to the healing properties of fly fishing. With more women being diagnosed each year, CfR is rapidly expanding programs to meet demand, and Sage and RIO’s commitment to supporting our mission means more than ever. We’re so grateful.”

“This collaboration is really meaningful for us, and we are excited about the opportunities CfR creates for women with breast cancer,” comments Sage and RIO vice president of marketing Tag Kleiner. “We are so grateful to the entire fly fishing community for supporting CfR by purchasing these products. We look forward to continuing to grow this partnership for years to come.”