Ad Dimensions

1/4 Page: 3.5″ (w) x 4.575″ (D)
1/2 Page: 7.25″ (w) x 4.575″ (D)
FullPage: 8.25″ (w) x 10.75″ (D)
DPS: 16.5″ (w) x 10.75″ (D)
Note: Add 1/8″ for bleeds.

Ad Requirements

Resolution: All images must be at least 300 DPI at 100% scale unless otherwise noted.

The Perfect Ad: PDF document with .125” bleed and crops saved in CMYK format.

Indesign CC:  Collect the document for output and include all graphics and fonts (both printer and screen fonts).  If you plan on sending the documents as an EPS file, please ensure that you also include the original file, photos, graphics, fonts, etc.  Convert all spot colors to CMYK process.

Adobe Illustrator: Include all imported graphics. To avoid conflicts convert all fonts to outlines. Convert all spot colours to CMYK process.

Adobe Photoshop: All photos are to be CMYK at 350 resolution. Saved as TIFF would be best, but if sending via email – JPG at maximum quality is acceptable. Remember CMYK only. Line art at 1200 resolution.

Transportation of Ads: We can receive ads via email, cd-rom or FTP file transfer. Please call or email for FTP login information.

Celebrating a Decade of Awesomeness!

Copies Circulated: 35,000

From producing the world’s largest fly fishing film event, the International Fly Fishing Film Festival®, to breaking new barriers in the fly fishing television space with Fly Fusion TV™ , Fly Fusion Magazine™ is the clear front runner when it comes to investing in high production and editorial values, the fly fishing community and the growth of the sport. Our ad partner’s investment goes much further than just the placement of an ad. Its a proven fact that sitting on proverbial asses won’t grow the sport and its our job as members of the fly fishing media to make your investment with us worth more than just paying our bills. Our style is less talk and more action and we are always hard at work investing back into the industry that has provided Fly Fusion Magazine™ with its coveted audience and corresponding influence. Be a part of North America’s most relevant group of fly-fishing media brands and know that investing your marketing dollars with the Fly Fusion brand is an investment worth making.

“Read It. Live It. Put Your Brand In It”

Rates (USD) 1X 2X 3X
Black Cover $2415.00 $2320.00 $2110.00
Inside Front $2160.00 $2060.00 $1845.00
Inside Back $2060.00 $2010.00 $1810.00
Facing Contents $2040.00 $1990.00 $1790.00
Double Page $2900.00 $2800.00 $2650.00
Full Page $1900.00 $1760.00 $1660.00
1/2 Page $1010.00 $935.00 $835.00
1/4 Page $685.00 $630.00 $585.00
1/6 Page $535.00 $510.00 $435.00
1/12 Page $310.00 $275.00 $225.00