Gear Review: Fishpond’s Thunderhead Duffel

With fishpond’s innovative commitment to creating attractive, functional, and 
environmentally friendly products, the company consistently provides the fly-fishing 
consumer with a responsible option. Lots of companies support environmental 
initiatives, and that’s essential, but fishpond takes their commitment to another level by 
creating products from recycled nylon commercial fishing nets.

Aside from the fact that the Thunderhead Duffel is created by an environmentally aware company, with the TIZIP submersible zipper, the product is completely waterproof which means all your valuables will be safe and dry when you’re out on that multi day float trip.

The bag also features outdoorsy braided climbing rope handles and tuck-away backpack straps on the large model (which can fit 9 foot, 4-piece fly rod tubes inside) to make larger loads more manageable. In short the duffle is stylish, waterproof, and virtually bombproof. I suspect the bag can even withstand a disgruntled airline baggage handler—though if you’re using the smaller model, you’ll never have to find out because it’s carry-on compatible.

Amplitude MPX by Scientific Angler Earns Editor’s Choice Award

The new Scientific Anglers MPX with AST Plus might sound a little like trying to decode your child’s text messages, but the results are far less complicated. Fly Fusion Staff tested the line for the last few months and it is impressive. The line shoots extremely well and added an effortless distance. It contains AST Plus, which is a slickness additive that increases line slickness and durability. Testers really enjoyed casting the line on fast action rods because the MPX is a half size heavy so it loaded the rods extremely efficiently. The line is an all-around freshwater taper ideal for trout and warmwater species. Each line in the Amplitude family will be triple-colored, triple-textured, and feature welded loops on both the front and the rear.