Beating the Boats: Strategies for the Wading Angler

Nothing is more rewarding than packing a lunch and committing yourself to a long day of exploring. The incentive is not only the fish your will find, but the quiet out-of-the-way places you will discover.

Article by Ryan Sparks  / Photo by Faceless Fly Fishing


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Leonard Cohen and Trout

I still hope that on every outing I’ll find large and willing trout, but the older I get the more my dark-haired idealism makes room for grey-haired realism.

by Derek Bird



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Top 2 Series to Help Sharpen Your Casting Skills

For fly anglers looking to add a little more distance to their cast or planning to expand their advanced casting arsenal, lots of different options exist nowadays. You can book a casting clinic, find a column in a magazine, or search out numerous instructional videos online. If you decided to go with the online option, Fly Fusion staff helped to narrow the search by providing you with two of their favourite casting series.

R.L. Winston Casting Series–One of the all-time greats, Joan Wulff, presents an easy-to-follow 10 part instructional casting series packed with basics for the newcomer or for the long-time angler who wants to break some poor habits. She also has a number of videos in the series that present advanced techniques for the angler wanting to improve on an already solid foundation. To view the series click here.

Orvis Casting Series–Another recommended casting resource is the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center. Along with everything else you need to know about fly fishing, you’ll also find 16 casting centric instructional videos presented by Orvis Casting Instructor, Pete Kutzer. To view the series click here.

Photo Credit: Paula Shearer

Take a Sneak Peak Inside the Summer Issue

There’s lots to look forward to in the summer issue. One of the many highlights is Jim McLennan’s article on Pale Morning Duns. The article is packed full of helpful insight into this favourite summer trout snack. In addition, it is accompanied by some outstanding photos like the one below by fly-fishing photographer Jason Jagger. By the time you’re finished reading Jim’s article, you’ll be able to identify a few distinguishing features between PMDs and other mayflies like the blue-winged olive pictured below.


Understanding Fly Rod Flex and Recovery

Fly rods can be defined by so many characteristics, including physical weight, swing weight, stiffness, just to name a few. But what really defines the feel in your hand?

By Jeff Wagner
Photo Credit: Paula Shearer

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