With literally thousands of patterns to choose from, one can certainly have a hard time deciding what to use.  Let us help by sharing some of our favourites.  From cutting edge to tried and true patterns, you will want to check back often as we will be adding to this database regularly.



Dr. J. Hubert Sanborn

Hook: #2-8 Mustad 94720 9XL. 

Thread: Black 6/0.

Body: Silver mylar tinsel.

Underwing: White bucktail.

Wing:  Three green saddle hackles tied flat on top of the buckatil over which two natural black hackles are tied on edge.

Eyes: Jungle cock nails.

Head: Black tapered thread.

Tying Instructions

  1. Prepare the black hackle by measuring the length, stripping excess hackle fibres and then gluing the Jungle Cock nail to the feather along the center.
  2. Start your thread at the head of the fly and tie in your mylar tinsel, gold side up. Wrap the tinsel down to the bend of the hook with close turns of thread. 
  3. Wrap the thread back to the eye of the hook. Coat the thread base with cement and wrap the tinsel back to the eye using overlapping turns of tinsel.
  4. Cut out a small amount of white bucktail and pick out any short or unruly hairs. Tie in the bucktail on the top of the hook and trim away the butt ends.
  5. Measure the green hackles to a length extending beyond the hook bend and strip away any extra fibres at the base of the feather. 
  6. Stack the three green hackles and tie them in on a horizontal plane. Trim away the butt ends of the hackles.
  7. Tie on the prepared black hackles upright on top of the green hackle. It should form a “+” shape when viewed from the front. Adjust the wing as necessary. 
  8. Trim the butt ends of the hackles, create a neat tapered head, whip finish and cement the head.